Daniel is born and raised here in Hawaii—since his early years he had a passion for visual arts—a seasoned artist doing drawing and painting—he dabbled in visual arts and photography. He is self-taught and started with pencil—worked his way through ink, watercolors, and acrylics—with oil pastels later in life.


Daniel’s art started back in middle school and high school days entering contests at local shopping centers and school open houses. He did is first real sales back then. Daniel currently sells his art via the internet...his art pieces grace the walls of local, mainland, and worldwide clients. He also dabbles in the miniature world and does ACEO size pieces which he sold thousands.


Drawn to nature, Daniel does most of his illustrations of native birds, or sea life like the PUHI or HE’E (Moray eel or Octopus).


Today, Daniel does illustrations for his businesses “Pau Hana Illustrations” ; “Dan G Art Studio” ; and is the primary illustrator for a published scientific bulletin. His form is unique and most customer’s mention his technique as “ His own technique and form “. His style stands out from the crowd.