What is art to me...feelings, thoughts, and moods on paper or canvas. Ones inner self peering in reality. An expression of the inner self and being. My current thought patterns and mood in abstraction of art. Usually my mood dictates the flow and paint on canvas...it’s direction, it’s color, and its texture. I usually have a central thought in mind...but dependent on my mood or feelings the art piece goes the other way. The great part of abstraction art—goes with the flow.


My illustration art is somewhat thought out...with the exception of the background wash if used. The art focal point is integrated within the wash...one of my signature styles. Each piece is unique to the background, leaving the foreground to be active and manipulated. The feel of the piece is dependent on my mood and feelings that day or time. My pieces usually are nature driven—having grown up with surrounding natural environment—I’m drawn to the mountains and ocean (Mauka and Makai). I have a natural connection to nature—especially in my illustrations of native birds and sea life.